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SPAUSA is the beauty of your skin

Surprise yourself with a exclusive collection of Portuguese cosmetic products formulated to offer excellent results for your face, body and mind.

SPAUSA brings you a sense of pleasure and discovery, through a combination of nutritious, innovative and natural ingredients that work in harmony with you and your skin.


As such, in the development of our products we endeavor to use ingredients as natural, pure, powerful and effective as possible. All precious plant extracts, repairing essential oils and deeply nutritive marine elements are ethically extracted. Similarly, all raw materials come from sustainable sources.


SPAUSA is against animal testing. Our products are not tested on animals, nor have they ever been.


SPAUSA packaging products are recyclable. Our product containers are, when feasible, manufactured with recyclable glass. Our plastic packaging can also be recycled, resulting in lower grade plastics. All orders are shipped using biodegradable cardboard and chips, which significantly reduce bubble wrap use.



Finally, I found Spausa. Both the cleanser and toner do wonders, and with a bonus, the wonderful scent is soothing and relaxing. I would give this product ten stars...
Cláudia Ribeiro
The scent is wonderful, and this scrub does its job. Spausa is a fantastic brand, in any product you choose.
Maria Venâncio
My skin is extremely sensitive, and this cream moisturizes without being greasy and does not bother my skin. My face feels soft and smooth. This is my favorite facial moisturizer.
Liliana Mendes
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